Pond Maintenance in London and the Home Counties

Authorised Installer

We specialise in the regular maintenance and full draining of ponds and water features from weekly, monthly and one-off visits. Our full draining service includes the following procedures: -

  1. Remove all fish and wildlife to a filtered, covered and aerated holding pond.
  2. Remove all plants. Cut back and re-pot if needed.
  3. Pump out pond and pressure wash the sides and bottom.
  4. Remove all silt and deposit on flower beds (this is very high in nitrates and is good for flower beds).
  5. Re-fill pond and treat with water conditioner and replace plants.
  6. Introduce the fish and wildlife back into the pond.
  7. Service the filter/pump/ultraviolet clarifier and renew bulb if applicable.

We will then advise the client on feeding maintenance, and efficiency of filter system to keep the pond and fish in a healthy condition.

Pond Equipment Supplied

We provide equipment manufactured by the following brands, however other brands can also be supplied.

  • Oase

  • Kockney Koi

  • T.M.C

  • Nishikoi

  • Hozelock

  • Fish Mate

  • Blagdon

  • Hikari

  • Oasis

  • Evolution

  • Lotus

  • Cloverleaf 

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